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We ask you friendly to answer the questions below fully and truthfull. When the hirer is not the skipper himself please let the skipper that has the responsability during the trip answer the questions.

Wishes to rent:




Wishes to rent:


Holland: yes, I want instruction yes,I want to rent a Skipper

Hereby books for the period: till


Experiance as skipper on a sailingyacht miles.
Size of the yacht:
Sailing area:
How many miles did you sail at the high seas?: miles. When at last?
Have you experienced on tidal waters?: yes When yes please a little explanation

Did you follow navigational lessons?: yes When yes which one(s):

Have you had experience on your own yacht: yes When yes which type?
Have you rented a yacht before elsewhere: yes When yes , how often and which types?

Are you, or one of your crewmebers, in the posession of an vhf-license ?: yes
(Warning: The broadcasting with an VHF-divice without the posession of an registered broadcastinglicense is forbidden and can be punished. All damage to the yachtowner according trespassing this prohibition is totally for the account of the hirer).



For Holland:

Do you wish to bord out the ultimate cleaning process à 50 euro ?: yes
Wishes to rent Bolleyesn when available? yes
Wishes to rent liferaft à 90 euro p/w , when available ? yes

For Greece:

Wishes to join the flotilla à 150 euro p.w ?: yes
Wishes to rent an autopilot à 90 euro p.w ?: yes
Wishes to rent GPS, à 70 euro p/w ? yes
Wishes to rent outboardmotor à 90 euro p/w ? yes
Wishes to rent skipper à 120 euro p/d ? When so how many days ? yes days:

Nr. pasport driverslicence

on behalf of the insurancecompany.

NB. We recommend to insure your trip for the cause of cancellation.

Wants form for cancellationinsurance:

Undersigned declares evenso. That all he wrote down before is without any hesitation and fully truthfull. He will do anything what can be expected from a qualified skipper, so that the yacht can be deliverd at the owner undamaged and in the same state he got it at his arrival.



Name hirer: Residence:



Important: When taking posession of the yacht we have to ask you an copy of your passport or driverslicence on behalf of the insurancecompany. Acceptance of this booking biy the rental-office has to take place within two weeks after recieving it. The rental-office will send you a contract that you have to return completely undersigned within five working days. The booking is definitive when the rental office recieved the first payment on their account.


The rental-officer.
Cirrus Jachtverhuur


L. Otto.


N.B. We have no obligation what so ever till the first payment is recieved on our account as mentioned before. or tel: +31-521-362187