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Hire a Boat for a Yacht Party in Singapore

If you truly want a unique experience in Singapore, then you must go for a yacht party. There are two possibilities; one is to go for a boat trip where are being organized parties as well, or rent your own yacht and spend an amazing time with your friends. No matter what you choose, we are sure that you will have lots of fun. However, in case you decide to actually hire a boat, we will show you in this article how you can do that. Therefore, keep scrolling for more useful information.

Marina at Keppel Bay Yacht Charter

Do you want to live the high life on the high sea in Singapore? If so, then visit Marina at Keppel Bay Yacht Charter and choose one of the many luxury yachts available for charter. There are even huge yachts that can accommodate up to 20 people, which are excellent for large groups of people. Soak in the comfortable deluxe interiors and amazing lounge spaces, while enjoying to the fullest a ton of family-friendly entertainment options such as kayaks or inflatable toys to fishing roads.

River Cruise

At River Cruise, you can either go for boats for up to 45 people or you can choose smaller ”duffy” boats for up to 10 people. You can rent a yacht or you can choose a cruise down to the Singapore River or around Singapore’s seas. The prices for boat charter start as $500 for half an hour. However, in case you are traveling with friends then we highly recommend you to hire a yacht for more privacy. On the other hand, if you are alone in Singapore but you still want to party on a luxurious yacht then you should go for a cruise and also hire an escort for company. Escorts in Singapore are very popular and most of them are truly charming, so you should not miss the occasion of spending a memorable night with one of them. Just look for an escort company and ask for the desired services.

Marine Booking

This is a very popular yacht rental service that boasts a wide range of shapes and sizes in terms of boat rental. You can also choose the desired destination, whether it is a short trip around Singapore or a cruise to Thailand. Both these options also include a sensational party where we are pretty sure that you will have a great time and it will be an amazing experience that will make your vacation an unforgettable one.

Lloyd Marine

At Lloyd Marine, you will find a large selection of boat sizes to choose from. There are models that range from eight to 200 people, and all of them are equipped for all sort of occasions. They are excellent for parties, holidays, weddings, and even networking trips. There is also a private cruise service available for all those who crave a relaxing getaway. Tourists can rent a private cruise to Indonesia, Thailand, and even Malaysia. It is true that the prices are quite high but what you will experience will certainly be unique.

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